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Minecraft is an open world game developed by Markus Persson in the year 2009, who is an official programmer of the game. But just after two years of its development i.e. in 2011 the game was redeveloped by a Swedish company named Mojang. Mojang is also attached in publication of this game. It allows the player to construct a building with the help of cubes. Some other features includes free roaming, collecting resources, crafting and some fights also in between.

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Minecraft Gameplay

Minecraft was first launched as a beta version in May 2009 and with some changes in the framework Mojang released it in 2011. Interestingly just one month ago of its launch for PC i.e. in October 2011 it was launched for Android smartphones. It is a fully fun packed game with many interesting features and it can be proved with the fact that in a single year the game was awarded in Game Developer Conference, Independent Game Festival and many more. Some of the awards are Best Debut Game, Best Downloaded Game and Golden Joystick Award.

Coming on the gameplay, Minecraft is free roam game where you don’t have any goal or target to finish off and every single move in the game depends on you. The player has to just build blocks just by breaking cubes, placing them on an appropriate one. All these blocks in the game represent materials like stone, water, trees, dirt, etc. Minecraft is divided into three main landforms which are jungles, deserts and snowfield and it’s on the user from where they want to start their game. In the game the player have to move in the terrain having plains, caves, mountains and forests and gather all necessary resources from these places.

There are several characters present in the game like animals, villagers as well as some hostile characters too like zombies, spiders and skeletons. These characters block player’s path and in order to move out from this, player has to fight with them. Most fierce creatures of the game are Creeper and Enderman. Along with free roam, Minecraft also provides five playing modes to play off like Survival, Adventure, Creative, Spectator and the last one is Multiplayer mode. Minecraft also contains two basic dimensions which gives an added advantage for players going for this game. First one is Nether, a dimension full of resources which helps player in travelling to great distances and another one is End, a barren land having Ender Dragon. Let us tell you how you can run smartphone version of this app on your PC.

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Installing Minecraft For PC Through Bluestacks

Minecraft can be used on PC with the help of a popular Android emulator Bluestacks. Follow the steps given below to know how this is possible.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks app player on your PC.
  2. Search for Minecraft in its search bar and also install it. One thing to be cleared that by this, Minecraft will be installed on BlueStacks and not on your core system.
  3. After the installation is completed you can play the game.

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