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LinkedIn Pulse is a news aggregator app developed by Alphonso Labs in 2010, and in 2013 it was purchased by LinkedIn Corporation. It’s single page interface allows user to view news from various RSS feeds and is available for all iOS and Android platform. It is totally a free app and user can get it from their respective app stores. Pulse is purely a smartphone app but users can access it on their PC with an emulator called Bluestacks.


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LinkedIn Pulse: Introduction

Two Stanford University students Ankit Gupta and Akshay Kothari created Pulse in May 2010, at the time of their graduation in Institute of Design. Both of them formed a company named Alphonso Labs. In starting it was only developed for Apple iPad devices and after some time another version named Pulse mini came in market for iPhone, iPod and Android phones. Due to its simple and easy accessible interface Apple’s App Store gave it a place in TIME’s Top 50 iPhones apps of the year in 2011. This title gave Pulse an unexpected popularity around the world and after two more successful years it was designated in Techland’s 50 Best Android Applications in 2013. Apart from this popularity, Pulse was once removed temporarily from Apple’s App Store in June 2010 after a complaint from ‘The New York Times’. They blamed that Pulse had copied content from ‘The New York Time’ and used it on their app. But on that same day the app was added back on App Store as they removed that controversial feed from their database.

LinkedIn Pulse: Facts And Features

In October 2011 another version of this app i.e. Pulse 2.0 was launched which allows user to view more than 60 news feeds. One more feature of this version is that user can configure it in different news sections. After some time, Pulse 3.0 was launched with some more valuable features like unlimited news feeds with a sidebar to toggle between pages. Before this update, that is in August 2012 Pulse introduced its Web version developed in HTML5 that supports all web browsers. One more interesting fact about this app is, Alphonso Labs and Microsoft signed a special contract through which some unique features were added in this app for users using IE 10.

LinkedIn Corporation purchased Pulse from their official developer Alphonso Labs in April 2013, after which Pulse was changed to LinkedIn Pulse and a new version LinkedIn Pulse 4.0 launched by them.  Best part of this version is that it connected Pulse and LinkedIn. However, this collaboration didn’t succeed as LinkedIn changed Pulse’s interface which was not liked by users using it.


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How To Use LinkedIn Pulse On PC?

LinkedIn Pulse is developed for smartphones but can also be used on PC. For this user need an Android emulator application Bluestacks. Users have to follow the steps given below to know how this is possible.

  1. Firstly user has to Download and Install Bluestacks on their PC.
  2. A Bluestacks icon will now appear on their Desktop, Click on it.
  3. Now search for LinkedIn Pulse in Play Store and install it as well.
  4. That’s it! LinkedIn app is now available on your PC, and can be accessed from My Apps section of Bluestacks.

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