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Android which was released in 2008 has now became the most spectacular operating system for mobile devices. The main attraction of the OS is its simple user interface and the number of application present in the google play store. The same has been the reason why people are now wanting to have this amazing operating system onto their computers and laptops. This utility has given rise to the development of what we call Android emulators. This is the only way that would let you run all the amazing Android apps and games on your windows based computers. As of now there are many Android emulators flooding the market, however, for having the best Android experience Bluestack is the most recommended Android emulator.


Virtualization of Android Using Bluestack:

Development of this Android emulator was started back in 2009, just one year later the official launch of the Android OS itself. Rosen Sharma was the man who firstly proposed the idea of such an emulator and started the development of the software. It took two years for the developers to research and figure out how they could build such an emulator that could completely emulate a mobile OS on computers. The official demonstration of the Bluestack was given by Mark Templeton at a conference in San Francisco in 2011. Later in the same year the emulator was officially launched in the market in its beta version.

The beta version was a huge success as it could successfully run most of the Android apps and games that users played on their Android devices. To make the emulator strong and lag free, future improvisations and developments were made. What you see today is an advanced version of the Bluestack with almost all the features that you would expect.

Bluestack comprises two main components namely app player and cloud sync. Cloud Sync, as per the name suggest is the component responsible for uploading all the app and other important data onto the cloud servers for future usage and recovery in case something went wrong someday. App player was the main component which contained all the necessary files responsible for Android emulation.

Getting Started:

To get started with this emulator you will firstly need to download BlueStacks, to do so just follow the links at the bottom of this page. Now, install it on your windows; it quite simple as you have downloaded offline installer and would take few minutes to install. Once installed, restart your system to make sure all the process and environment variables are set successfully. Using this application is quite simple as the interface of the application is made figurative enough. Moreover, the interface have been crafted keeping in mind the usability on touch devices.


When started, you will initially land on the home screen containing all the basic information. You can see a tabbed navigation and list of applications below it. The app present in the tab are pre-installed applications that you can use offline too; while the apps listed below needs to be downloaded. In case you liked any of those apps, just click on it to install. Although, if not so then you can also search for your app using the search option located at the top left corner of the screen. This will again land you to play store from where you can download your app/game.

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